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Caption: Show to flinch ⑽ admire escapes? is saved help the child!
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The bored to death student on classroom

Author: Strike a wall

Often see the criticism that teachs a law to groovy English on all sorts of media, because oneself are far from educational group, and beside do not have again comfortable learned children, do not have keenly felt pain so, also not quite care about. Have a meal to maternal home today, the niece that reads 3 year takes exercise to let me correct. A piece of thickly dotted examination paper, a few titles, do those who be opposite is very few. I helped her change 5, 6, be driven beyond forbearance really! This where is language education, it is to cruelly kill simply children! Take a telephone call then, sent a complaint greatly to her English teacher. 30 years still resemble teaching the child English so, I want haematemesis really!

This piece of examination paper is syntactic problem. Although the sentence is very simple, circle very complexly however, connect me this Master that graduates 15 years is dazzling, include roughly:

1 , affirmative sentence become negative sentence

2, affirmative sentence change question

3, negative sentence become affirmative sentence

4, negative sentence change question

5, question replies for certain

6, question replies in the negative

7, the question that What poses

8, the question that How poses

9, sentence type change causes subject change

10, elliptically object

11, privative abbreviate

12, carry the interrogative sentence of modal verb

. . . . . .

Be sacred! Who can tell me this is to learn a language to still guess riddle after all?

Pledge to the day, I do not say lie, do to later I ask her " How Are You? " it is what meaning, it is good that my niece of 9 years old hesitated say a long time " do not know " (I know she is an intellective and medium child, but not be mental retardation absolutely) , a blood gushs to my guttural mouth, burning hot. Ground of my without thinking wants her to tell me the telephone number of English teacher, stirred the past directly -

I: How do you still teach English so? Is this where to teach a language? This is evil-minded ground destroys simply the interest of child antonym character, destroy the enthusiasm of child learning and self-confident heart, waste valuable time of the child!
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