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Caption: Pilfer of of J hole Jian?
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The following which are target of astronomical main research? Atmosphere
The interim that biology develops cries: Mesozoic Era
Who is the first husband of Wu Zetian? Tang Taizong

International nature protects federation to hold water at: 1948
Spring is the city to our country which one city point to? Kunming
Typhonic generation is in: Tropics is marine
Qidan is when the Northern Dynasties, a few is cent? 8
The stock raising of ancient Egypt very develop, but is the following where planted had not they fed livestock? Dinosaurian
"Making those who conceive not random " to say is: Liu Xiahui
Is fresh breeze wind- driven the wind of a few class? 5 class
"The yellow race in 4 big racial " does again: Mongoloid
Which nation capital is Lei Keya was not overcome? Icelandic
Chinese thought included a lot of opposite theory, be like " of depend on each other of " misfortune good fortune, which thought is this? Taoist school
The official language of Cuba is: Spanish
"The " which province now does the " this world in this world going out to close " of without reason person on the west close (area) ? Xinjiang
The ethical capitalist of the emerge in large numbers when brief development does not include Chinese nation industry: Zhang Zhi hole
The country that launchs the first satellite is: Before Russia
Is blast wind- driven the wind of a few class? 6 class
The geological times that outline of our country mainland forms basically is: Magma activity
The times of old life cries: Paleozoic
About the narration of 9 major planet, correct is: Have solid case
What is the central part of lunar the reverse side? Mountain system
The sea area with the highest salinity on the world is in: The Red Sea
Is the Apollo number that pokes a moon for the first time flying after a few days leaving the world does the moon arrive? 4 days
In which one province is flaxen production basically centered? Heilongjiang
The water conservancy project with notable ancient time who designs Jiang Yan: Li Bing father and son
Element of Dong Yue temple with " more than 3 " are celebrated, much " of which one " to include among them? Bonze is much
Who be it is good to discovered look at horn? Diyashi
The biggest on the world laky be: Mediterranean
Cloisonne enamel of special type handicraft also calls cupreous embryo wire inlay the enamel, the special local product of where is it? Beijing
The Arab belongs to: Caucasian
Be who betrayed Jesus? Judas
How many bit is there on the banner when is American ensign the Stars and the Stripes made at first? 13
Of renaissance period " is confess recorded " who is written? Russell
Drip from what life hill flows into Qinghai lake the flow direction of the river is: By Dong Xiangxi
Why does clear gentleman grave call " blueness grave " again? Careless color is evergreen on the grave
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