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A few day did Yi shoot after? 9
. " laugh be proud all corners of the country " medium Qiao Feng is buried in wild goose door to close below, in which does wild goose door shut to save? Shanxi
Front door is located in the end austral Tiananmen Square, be bright, of the city inside clear Beijing south the door, be also called? open door
Why does clear gentleman grave call " blueness grave " again? Careless color is evergreen on the grave
Who is face of Ming Dynasty " besmears pepper is carried to wear what walk along " everywhere by call boy? Yang Shen
Chinese atmosphere branch distinguishs with the fall inside how long pluvial size? 24 hours
Ancient poetry cloud: "Day of hole front courtyard is launched, " of building of Yue Yang the world. On which lake is Yue Yang building? Lake of hole front courtyard
Of Hu Yi follow Chen Yuan is round 23 years in, a few words had said with her? 39
. " on the west travel notes " where is medium blaze hill? Xinjiang
Besides the sun, which star in the universe is the closest from us? Near neighbour star
On the northward prairie of Tang Dynasty, between Yu Tangchao of submit to of Qidan cacique flounder and who? Tujue
. .. The part that kills? is: CO2
The ethical capitalist of the emerge in large numbers when brief development does not include Chinese nation industry: For who is Hua Tuo of cure of name of ancient time of China of Zhang Zhi hole killed? Cao Cao
Sun atmospheric most lining is: Photosphere
Is yellow fruiter chute in Guizhou Province where? Press down peaceful county Bai Shuihe
The Christian era 8 centuries, the capital of where is Damascus? Arabia kingdom
Is the Shen Nong Jia that is called to savage appears and disappear in our country which one province? Hubei
Who is the last emperor that is France put to death? Louie 16
The vivid horse museum of the world is in: French Paris
Pizza inclined tower of Italy is the belfry of pizza cathedral actually, a few handleless cups does altogether have above? 7
Swiss capital is in: Bucharest
. ..  eulogy? is popular at: Cheat inside
The time that French bourgeois revolution erupts: On July 14, 1789
Southeast Asia is the longest internationally the river is: Mekong
Clever should the Buddhist templeput on the brakes of temple white tower show beard cover type, on go up greatly below erect move small 13 heavy photographs annulus, namely so called: "13 days "
Spit rash time the sea of the basin dials is: - 154 meters
The mark that the orgnaization begins semi-colony to change in the center of Qing Dynasty period is: Premier goverment office in feudal China is established
The reason that fat Buddhist monk becomes thin is: Take pill of leopard embryo easy veins that stand out
. .. 5 the city badge that which city  ? is? Copenhagen
Following uprise takes those who get a victory is: The wuchang uprising
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