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Caption: Pilfer of of J hole Jian?
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The observation room of observatory supports field, because,be: Be helpful for target of astronomy binoculars observation
One keeps apart thing Berlin the wall that come to build at when: 1961
Distributing with crop sort, multiple cropping system and crop relationship are the closest is: Light is hot
The fresh water lake with the largest area on the world is: Berth lap courtyard?
Are two astronaut that land a moon for the first time on lunar face activity how long? 2 hours many

Foregone now highest hill is in: On spark
The treacherous court official with the famousest period of the Southern Song Dynasty is: Qin Gui
The black hole is the most mysterious universe fan. Actually, the black hole is: It is a kind of special celestial bodies in the universe
Following in the view about phreatic water, have a free water, with air look contact
In playing card " diamonds " indicative what? Fortune
The king austral the first the Huaihe River after Han Chaojian stands is: Flower cloth
What meaning Luobulinka is in Lhasa language? Baby garden
Our country's earliest museum is: Right answer: Nantong museum
What following name does not belong to 24 solar term is: Old dog days
A few years old Dong Xiaowan dies? 27 years old
Is the Asian-African Conference held at which year? 1955
"Gong Jinjun " is uprise happening in the evening of which dynasty? Yuan face
The centrosphere temperature prep above of earthly interior? 4000 Celsius
How many meters is Chinese rail wide? 1.435 meters
Which country is African hero Mahedi? Sudan
"Do I high with my blood Jian thill " the oath that who is? Lu Xun
The deepest laky be: Lake Baikal
Is pomfret basically produced from what Jiang He or maritime space? The East China Sea
Warm current of Beijing University West comes from cause of formation say, belong to: Wind ocean current
What following name does not belong to 24 solar term is: Old dog days
The sources of energy in following country can be self-sufficient is: Canada
Cottage hill is: Fault hill
"Do I high with my blood Jian thill " the oath that who is? Lu Xun
Does Luoyaside teach trivial traceable where? Middle east
"Interest area " a magic weapon that who uses prevent floods by water control be?
Do not belong to " Chinese Chu Sanjie " is: Chen Ping
The deepest laky be: Lake Baikal
Hill of world get angry is most continent is: Asia
Who puts forward the solarism? Copernicus
England " Beatles " one which year is band Shaliwen is fashionable whole after first shows the United States? 1964
On the history, why does gubernatorial Jiang Yueyang delimit in Hunan? Facilitate supervise and diversionary
Most what discovered white light comprises first is: 6?
Hydroelectric station of the 2 beaches of our country, 5 strong small streams is located in respectively: Heart of Qia shrimp Tuo?
Where is the main source of our country sapphirine: Broadleaf plant?
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