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Hawaiian belong to on situation which continent? Oceanian
The terminus of Europe of Asia-Europe mainland bridge is: Lu Tedan
Indian country the bird is: Green peacock

A few season does tropics have? 2
The country with Asian farmland the biggest area is: India
"The city badge of which city is the daughter " of the sea? Copenhagen
Country of old person of the " that be called which one galaxy is the galaxy of " ? Elliptical galaxy
Clever should temple white tower only then build Yu Yuanchao to yuan 8 years (the Christian era 1271) , by the craft home Anige of which country acts according to imperial order to chair at that time build? Ni Baier
The scientist of the divine " that calls " maths is: Archimedes
"Does " of Xue Tao Jian arise at which dynasty? The Tang Dynasty
Generation seawater tidal is main the reason is: Moon gravitation
The science that what studies is astronomy? Celestial body
Before domanial area resides the world 4 country is: Russia, China, Canada, United States
Our country most which city that the city of the eastern side is Heilongjiang? Peaceful fragrance river city
The time that French bourgeois revolution erupts: On July 14, 1789
When be faced with heavy rain of the gale on the river, which play is what Wu Liuji sings? " heavy river "
African crop and reserves take the world the first mineral products is: Gold, diamond
"The " chelonian " of " of the congress that kill tortoise is to point to: Wu Sangui
The country that is known as " windmill which country is " ? Holand
Sun surface temperature about how many? 6000 degrees
Advance and 16 countries period, the swallow before who was ever built, hind swallow, Xi Yan, Na Yan? A surname family name
Dutch administration seat is: The Hague
The difference of new stone vessel and paleolith is: The difference of the method that make
Does the sun leave the earth farthermost in that day? Summer Solstice
"Of Wang Xi of book emperor " masterpiece is: " orchid booth foreword "
The engineer that invented the first pneumatic tire 1945 is: Luobaiteshangmusen
Be who invented platform scale? 100 tile of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of · of heart of · of accept of all alone of Er of admire of auspicious Er · Er
The invention of the first practical helicopter is factitious: Xikesiji
Which country is 1000 Buddha altar? Indonesia
The monarch of which dynasty is Keliaopeitela? Hold in the palm strap close dynasty
Language of Qinghai lake Mongolia is " of Er of Nuo of " library library, meaning for: The sea of cyan
Cloth conceal war is at war bilateral one party is Roman, other one party is: Punic
The main reason that creates difference of environment of resources of square hydro-thermal of our country north and south is: Climate difference
"The traditional festival of which nation is link division " ? The Yi nationality
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