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. .. Before? of  Zhuo fat  , in whose at hand does Wei Zheng work? Li Jiancheng
Representative penalty of Song Dai is: Right answer: Tattoo the face of a criminal and exile him
Qin Rigang is in those who hold the position of in army of peace and tranquility is: Swallow king
The groovy the sources of energy that belongs to reproducible cleanness is: Water can

. ..  of palm of Li of reef of Yun Bei Bi relatively " because,? is: Air is affected by earthly gravitation
Our country's biggest fresh water lake is: Po Yang Hu
. .. Is  ? to on which vast area be formation typhoon? Atlantic
Is Xinjiang area formal and attributive is the beginning of central political power? BC 60 years, government of the Western Han Dynasty installs the Western Regions to protect government office
Every differ seismic magnitude one class, the energy that releases through seismic wave makes an appointment with difference: 30 times
Beijing Dong Yue temple reposes at middle of sunny door Wai Street, only then build at: Yuan acting
In 7 wife of Wei Xiaobao, age is the oldest is: Su Quan
When the Western Regions of be sent on a diplomatic mission of Zhang Qian first time arrives at family name of a solar month of 31 days, where did family name of a solar month of 31 days already have, in already was being become thereby inferior one great power.
The full kind that haul a husband and Gui water
Does the sun leave the earth farthermost in that day? Summer Solstice
. The minority that builds Northen Wei Dynasty is: Xianbei
Which country that temple of bovine market week is distant generation to enter fill an office at first what does Nasuluding found the scholar? Arabia
Indian country the bird is: Green peacock
Land a moon for the first time, how long does the lunar module keep lunar face time to have? 21 hours many
What material is the tool that the mankind uses the earliest? Stone
The economic crop with main India has: Cotton, tea, Jute
The grade in ancient building housetop is highest is: Hall of duouble-eaved roof Wu supports
Those who close East Asia climate is narrate, correct is: The eastpart part belongs to monsoon climate
About the statement is correct below yin and yang is: This world is south hill, water north is this world
See the Hun at account the first chief of the Xiongnu in ancient China, be stationed in a graceful city, its ground is current Inner Mongolia: Baotou
What highland is called by people dam child, be the main cultivation area of our country? The Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau
The Yangtse River of our country the biggest river has how long: 5900 kilometers
History write down " is " of medium " old and well-known family what to what person makes give to pass? Vassal king
Is link division in annual of the traditional Chinese calendar when to hold? On June 24
A surname of change one's dwelling house of miscarriage family name connects hill with south, long-term with whose live together? Qinghai Qiang person
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