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Caption: Crazy Pu of Tuo of rarely of planning Zheng of Kun of Xu ⒂
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1Great Minds Think Alike. (Heroic place sees be the same as slightly, this does the first the most appropriate did not pass, cheng Yingxiong of best nevertheless interpreter and belle place see be the same as slightly)

2Get Going! (leave at once, use when beginning the operation)

3Weve Got To Hit The Road. (we should hasten, with an usage identical, hit The Road is shown urgent, very figure)

4I Cant Place His Face. (beautiful perhaps eyebrow greets sb to you and you do not remember meet unexpectedly handsome young man he who is she, can use this sentence at this moment)

5Once Bitten, twice Shy (in one day is bitten by the snake, be afraid of well rope 10 years)

6 Look At The Big Picture (one overall situation is attached most importance to, in produce difference when can let everybody think carefully with this word)

7Im Exhausted. (dog-tired, lazy to new ass be like this affirmation is useful for the person that takes exercise rarely occasionally)

8Ive Got My Second Wind. (brief the energy after resting is able to restore, can use this sentence right now, my physical strength restored means)

9My Stomach Is Growling. (to can turning any activities into picnic picnicker so occasionally for, the one part with the most important visit is to eat of course, this means my abdomen tiptop, very hungry)

10Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings. (since very hungry, that with respect to one hungry is not choosy about his food)

11 ~~~~is Now In Season. (the good season that has ```` just about, for instance watermelon, strawberry, malic peach of what)

12Lets Grab A Bite To Eat (let us have bit of thing rapidly, show time is very close commonly)

13This Food Is Out Of The World (this is fed answer only the sky has, which must take the world a few times)

14What A Bummer! (too feel disappointed, think formerly can come a lot of handsome young men, the result took one car however belle, can use this word secretly at this moment)

15First Things First (important thing is done first, a lot of circumstances can be used)

16 Its Just My Cup Of Tea (closing occasionally taste, point to a person, the thing is waited a moment)
17Take It Easy. Easy Dose It. (old ass says so to new ass, come slowly, fasten anxious)

18Do As I Said (old ass says to new ass: Do according to what I say, some moment grab bandit to also love to use this, hey hey)

19Lets Roll Up Our Sleeves. (everybody works together, furl arm does not want to work energetically namely)

20Put It In My Hands. (lazy to, stupid stupid, the moment of new ass some like elephantine idol also can help, fill a meal for instance such bagatelle can say occasionally: Give occasionally good)

21Its A Short-cut. (this is a cutoff)

22Ill Keep My Fingers Crossed For You (will pray for you occasionally, climb for instance when crossing a river)
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