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Add fuel to the growth of sports, health and family education, children activi
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Yesterday afternoon, Zhengzhou, wind whistling, but it warmth deep within the Henan Museum. Heart by the National Organizing Committee organized a series of activities "to eat the two dynamic balance, movement of parents and children, adding fuel to the growth" of Zhengzhou City, sports, health and family education, children's activities began. More than 300 parents and early education experts, the National Population and Family Planning Commission and other experts to Caijing Kun everywhere from the psychological growth of children, exercise, nutrition, and several other aspects of the exchange of experiences with parental enthusiasm. "Give children the opportunity to exercise, to keep abreast of children's interests, determine the appropriate child's sports." At the event, organizers said the person in charge, "Heart Good Children" Children Family Education Sports Health Department by the National Heart Organizing a series of activities organized by the hundred foreign Medical Group Limited. This year is the project carried out in the third year in the country, the committee drew on the work of the first two years of theory and practice, will develop interest in sport in 2010 and found potential in sports, learning motor skills, to ensure food balancing, shared parenting time to promote physical and mental growth of children and other 6, the promotion and popularization of knowledge of children's sports and health nutrition and health in the idea of promoting the child's growth process in parent should "eat two dynamic equilibrium", which includes not only the balance of food elements, but also to eat and dynamic balance. In order to allow more parents to participate in this event, the past two years, the organizing committee together with a hundred foreign medicine not only created a children's sports and health education and promotion web site (www.ydjk.org), so that the "good children's heart," activities social marketing campaign geared to the health of children an important platform for knowledge of family education, but also carefully designed the "Family Education Sports Health Children comic books," CD-ROM animation education, sports education, parent-child exercise and other forms of awareness programs, in 11 cities promotion. So that parents can be on the site message, write down questions in the parenting life, you can also download the video and the organizing committee of experts prepared class e-books to learn parenting knowledge. Up to now, more than 2.1 million people directly benefit children, families, the majority of kindergartens and parents. It is understood that the promotion of activities in Zhengzhou, will be through the issuance of educational brochures, children's sports and health to carry out child gymnastics, sports, health and parenting of children of knowledge CD-ROM animation class, from exercise and nutrition, exercise and security areas such as sports and health education, is expected to more than 100,000 children in Zhengzhou City, the majority of families will benefit from the educational program.