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25 years of free education policy of "one fell swoop five De"
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According to "Beijing News" message, Shek Pai Town, Dongguan City, in September this year achieving 25 years of free education: Where the local household registration, from kindergarten to read Dr., will be the local government subsidies, a person may grant up to one year 1 million. Shek Pai Town, because 25 years of free education policy by the media and friends and Dongguan, known as "China's most cattle strong town of education." Shek Pai Town, welfare, education initiatives in March of this year seen in the media since the release of a ripple to cause social hot, some people suspect that this is Shek Pai town in speculation, in the show, but I think that even if 25 years of Shek Pai Free education is the show, but also a good policy worthy of the show, because this move is a "five-stroke was" a good policy. Gains: to promote the local development of education. Because 25 years of free education is the compulsory education level in the Shek Pai safeguard and improve only after progressively introduced, so 25 years of free education policy to actively promote the development of the nine stone row. Before 2005, the Shek Pai's education is still quite backward, poor teacher wages, and the school tends to be broken; starting in 2005, Shek Pai while increasing investment in education through the integration of educational resources to enhance the level of public education, on the other hand wages and benefits of teachers, step by step to improve the educational level of the stone row. Schools in the junior high school graduates, in 2009, Shek Pai Town, the town from the original enrollment rate ranked 15th in the city, climbed to the city first. Second was: difficult to solve the local people go to school, school of your problems. I see from the news, Shek Pai town residents told The very fact that their children studying at the Dongguan Institute of Technology tuition fees of up to 6000 yuan is not well-off families to feel more difficult, however, the family's financial burden will be achieved by September 25 years of free education and much reduced. Shek Pai Town, the expenditure of 15 million per year will benefit the local registered population of 42,000, which includes 10% of poor families, households and households with financial difficulties for the minimal needs of the education spending can help ease the pressure effect, so people are not rich no not afford school fees to worry about. Three is: to attract talented people settled in Shek Pai, Shek Pai promote economic and social development. Shek Pai 25 years of free education policy to benefit local people, but also cultivate a sense of responsibility and Shek Pai students gratitude studies students returned will be the Shek Pai Shek Pai Town, the backbone of future economic and social construction. And free education for 25 years, the innovations and Huimin move quickly to enhance visibility and reputation of the stone row, also attracted a considerable number of foreign students to participate in local economic and social construction. Complete 25 years of free education for the future, Shek Pai will be living life by improving the local investment environment to attract big business, high-quality personnel settled in Shek Pai, promote industrial upgrading, Shek Pai help Shek Pai achieve rapid economic development and social harmony. Quartet: to enhance public support and trust of the government. Shek Pai Town, the implementation of free education is not only concerned about people's charity care, but also enhance the way people the importance of happiness, for the construction of harmonious society active role. Shek Pai Town, follow the voice of public opinion, increase in education investment, reflects the public service of local government finance feelings. Although 25 years of free education of local fiscal expenditure, but the free public education initiatives to the nature of their return to education has won the public support and trust of the government. Five was: "Shek Pai mode" also brought us two lessons. Education is free of a revelation is not bad money, bad ideas and poor may be just action. Shek Pai Town, Dongguan is not the most affluent towns, but the Shek Pai town to promote free education, experience, in some small population base, relatively strong financial strength of the region, introduction of free education may just need to change the concept of local government to increase investment in education and benefit the people. The second revelation is open free education Shek Pai Town, household population welfare first of its kind to explore a new model of dividend for the fiscal surpluses of other regions will be devoted to public service, balance of social wealth, so that people can share the achievements of reform and development have a positive reference. Shek Pai Town, I want to be like 25 years of free education that can move more Huimin emerged some. Riding out the policy even if there is a show which is suspected, we will not feel bored, because we deeply understand the design and formulation of these policies is to enable people who have the school, and housing, a sense of security, disease medical care, employment.