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Early Childhood Education: holding to do the industry
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Today, the children, "nursery" is hard to have become a social hot topic, it seems clear to the pre-school sector contains a very vast market and a lot of business opportunities, while the domestic private kindergartens have been more than 10 million More than, but look at the country, the industry did not show much cross-regional, with a strong position in the country's leading brand, to achieve industrialization of operations, particularly with the scale of the brand and even fewer private kindergartens. In this context, in February 2010, one of the biggest laughs of education pre-school group was successfully listed in Australia, will naturally attract a large number of media attention both inside and outside the industry, but so far, laugh Education is the only one laughing the successful listing of the pre-school institutions. "Difficult" and "risk" is difficult for the rapid expansion of pre-primary institutions are the two main reasons: first of all related products and services is very difficult to replicate at the same time, as long as there is a nursery "trouble", playing the entire brand Attack is devastating. Problem "crux" is the nature of pre-school education industry itself: "children" and "education" makes the coexistence of the two key words in many other sectors of the business logic, or even belong in the education industry " Brothers "growth path the industry will not work in here, this is a need to carefully" holding to do, "the industry. Thus smiled education that private education as a group, are in a unique industry, it will inevitably need to Open up their own unique development model. Hard threshold and soft barriers In the era of planned economy, almost all child care and education by the "public" arranged, but with the reform and opening up, many large state enterprises and public institutions is no longer the burden of operating a nursery to slowly, in part by the National Commission A pre-school education into the context of national; another part to the society, from education, private institutions like smile or a foreign operation. Pre-school education along with the growing community concern and demand segmentation, pre-school education sector related to the business gradually to children's age as a "dividing line", is divided into three categories: The first is for the parent-child early education for children 0-3 years old , Usually by parents and children to participate, through language, music, sports, perception and other forms of course, not only the ability to cultivate a child contact with the community, but also enhance their feelings with the parents to; next step is 3 -6 Year-old kindergarten stage, the first is simply to provide care and nursery care functions, but now gradually increase the variety of educational functions; Finally, while children have school after the age of 6, but many pre-school education Agencies believe that their children are still children and need to knowledge and skills beyond the basic training, such as artistic accomplishment, but also the business extended to children aged 6-12. Focus on business in accordance with the different, the domestic private pre-school institutions gradually divided into two categories; a class represented by Gymboree, focusing on creation of parent-child classes, parent-child early childhood development services. Compared to kindergarten, parenting classes to take hours system Function is relatively simple, from site selection to the classroom curriculum for great flexibility, such as not only can select the area near the opening, can also be located in the bustling shopping district, and thus easy to replicate and, in the country, the opening Up to hundreds of well-known parent-child early education institutions do not rare. Education on behalf of another to laugh, the main business run kindergartens, covering early education and child-related skills training after school, very complicated business of such enterprises, operating in dozens of kindergartens throughout the country had Be a very good figure, and most of the brand also presents the characteristics of a regional focus. Expansion is difficult for many reasons. First of all, start kindergarten is an extremely complex systems engineering, covering the government's approval, hire (buy), the construction, teachers set up, to admissions operation, naturally requires a A time-consuming longer time period: from policy to approve the beginning, even if the process go more smoothly, after finishing all the formalities are normally takes several months, the construction of at least one year, followed by decoration; next is strictly Environmental safety inspection, health permits, licenses and other handling, coupled with team building and training of teachers, as well as preparations for admission, which in turn takes one year; in the third year after enrollment, kindergarten also need to Time to form more than one year reputation, even if successful it must go through two or three years garden. In other words, a quality start new kindergarten to begin at least three years of cost recovery, while a capacity of 300 children Even if the size of kindergarten children to take the form of lower-cost land lease, the initial investment has been largely at 400 million yuan will be (according to city differences in the specific figures vary), is a high return on investment in the industry slow. In addition to hardware threshold, the "soft barriers" and restricted the rapid expansion of the kindergarten, as mentioned earlier, pre-school education is still a sunrise industry, not only the lack of senior experience can learn, can not simply copy the experience of teaching abroad , Which makes the start-up private kindergartens encountered the largest and most central issues: the lack of standardized curriculum - now missing, also not to mention replication. With the social development, education has increasingly become a necessary condition for the survival of Kindergarten: Today, the only function of providing boarding kindergarten in theory, can not get business licenses, and education will not be because the object of a younger age The lower degree of difficulty: In the past, simply to get ahead of the primary school curriculum kindergarten "effort" approach is viable. Kindergarten children are beginning to extract better suited to the educational concept of age, but it also means teaching classes Process complex, smiled Education Program subjects are now five systems: First, the conventional early education programs; Second, social practice course, is simulated in the kindergarten community with real scenes and let the children get exercise; The third lesson Process is to be entertaining and educational programs of foreign language teaching; The fourth category is the Ideological and Moral Education; fifth class features for personalized children's programs. Difficult to promote the development of these courses. Problem smiled education is the formation of the first kindergarten teacher slowly from all the daily teaching activities, lesson plans in preparation, has experienced more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation summed up in there after accumulating enough, smiled Education Incubation specially set up R & D center, to further enhance the curriculum and systematic. Therefore, over years or even decades of time precipitation is undoubtedly a very hard threshold. Can copy the details of the force In fact, site selection and construction of kindergartens need to meet two kinds of people: parents and children. Address the park opened is usually the first choice of target area to live, after all, parents must consider children to spend time on the journey And economic costs. Therefore, the smile of kindergarten education to open their positioning in the high-end, would prefer to open in the upscale district in the park. Meanwhile, the kindergarten surrounding environment and traffic condition is very important to consider Indicators, such as the main road is easy traffic jams, while the environment is too complex and too much transport capacity may also be derived from certain security risks, parents will be extra careful on these issues. In addition, the managed care bear nursery and care functions, from logistics to facility needs a set of strict management system. Such as the procurement of building materials and play equipment are all appropriate and strict standards, social Simple children's toys on the ordinary, or general entertainment field facilities will be excluded. Stringent standards mainly include two aspects: first, environmental protection is a very hard target; Second, because children in kindergarten Discipline is very small, self-control is very poor, often have no sense of direction to run around, hit some hard object may cause harm, so the material is essential for the safety of one of the conditions, such as the classroom or the child sleep Room, the ground must be specific, soft building materials. Compared to the "hardware" facilities, the formation of teachers is more important. While the criteria of qualified early childhood teachers and school teachers is very different, laughing and kindergartens in the early recruitment had encountered such a scene: to be All students employed a silver tongue, sing and dance, but the whole interview process is not a candidate actually noticed a child is crying on the staircase, so they are very good even if the written test and interview results, but also All failed. Therefore, mainly full-time boarding boarding kindergarten, matching the overall quality of teachers will be more valued, not only a teacher, but also when the mother of a qualified early childhood teachers, the skills requirements Is secondary, whether sincere, careful, patient care for children is the most important. Therefore, smiled education teachers in the selection and assessment typically begins when the ideological and moral assessment. Experienced in the selection of the principal when the strict, measured in the study interview candidates do not really like this preschool Industry; Secondly, hires, he will continue in-depth through the training of "love child" concept, more important is the "moral character" as much as possible to quantify the formation of rules. Such as the smile of Education has carried out in the park The theme for the activities of a teacher, called "Seeing the parents stand up," "see the child squatted down," said the former teacher to see the parents need to stand up to express respect for the parents, but when talking to children and Squatted down, not only with the child during that equal exchange, but also more conducive to the child standing on the "height" to listen and understand their ideas. Later, the event has more detailed terms: when the teacher must be followed by squat Children in parallel, bend like the "edge ball" are not allowed. Second, the smile has particular importance on educational aspects of impromptu speech by the teacher's spot inspection resilience, requires teachers with the ability to spot strain There are two considerations: First, all teachers are prepared lesson plans, But the child's thinking is abstract, and break up with somebody, ask them in class a lot of strange questions, lesson plans will not need, and this time the teacher needs to consider flexible capacity; second, a child Difficult to keep control, especially when the sport class, such as children will inevitably fall, while other children may also be a stampede of children lying on the ground, this time the teacher's ability to respond is very important, is not able to quickly help Up or cover your child; and finally skill expertise and comprehensive examination and evaluation. And other industries through consumer feedback indicators for assessing different kids it is difficult to express their own views, so smile and parent education will evaluate the communication as an important part of the system, in addition to conventional And survey the parents, laughing and education are the network of parents dedicated forum opened, the school took out some relevant pictures on top, and teachers every day in the parent forum will be reported to the parents of recent developments. The expansion force can be controlled Nursery expansion is so much "trouble," smiled the development of education strategies is also very clear, since its inception in 1996, has been taken to Direct mode, "slow" but to expand control. In fact, the light of economic calculation Account, it is easy to see that Direct Mode "inappropriate" conclusions: a three-year capital recovery period is a hard "targets", while the cost of the first year of almost equal size of M & A also has a more stable and the young students Children the park; second, smiled and education there is also cheaper, faster option, that is franchising, which has already been proven in other industries is an effective rapid expansion mode, but smiled and education since 1996 years - During 2008, the kindergarten has been sticking to the form of Direct. The most important reason is because the kindergartens to develop their own uniqueness. Nursery is provided for parents and children place a comprehensive managed services, providing education from the back to safety and then to all aspects of the service, in this Into a complex system, smiled education that only 30% -40% of the work is standardized, these are just some of the most fundamental processes, such as child day preparatory work before admission, the environment clean, the Preparation before class, after the park opened the process for parents to send their children. The core elements of effective standardization and can not quantify. Such as security, although there are some basic safety rules and principles, but all in all provinces and even the surrounding community environment, law and order situation is intricate Complex, safety measures must be added to local conditions; Again quality of teaching and the development of the domestic pre-school education are not so many years of teaching a particular course uniform rules, it is because no simple kindergarten Instill knowledge, but individualized style guide; Moreover the focus should in fact all kindergartens are different, such as kindergartens run smiled education generally take account of local characteristics, combined with their need to the system Given the characteristics of their own courses, it is difficult to use a curriculum and methods of direct marketing, and even if there is "take-all" course, the real quality of teaching but still communicate with teachers and children, and guide skills. Join now take the form of nursery industry expansion mode just stop at the brand and program output on the output, so the smile seems to join the biggest weakness is the mode of brands lack of efforts to control the franchisee, while the child Children park is also the special needs of the expansion of control, and if there's a kindergarten out of trouble, the brand's reputation will be lost. Therefore, until he smiled education has come to believe that "when ready" The management, curriculum development and talent pool are in place before the beginning of 2008 attempts to expand the form of mergers and acquisitions. Even in the successful listing has sufficient funds, while the face of society "nursery difficult to" hot spots stand out lure of the huge business opportunities, the smile is still cautious of education expansion, said expansion of the future will try to increase the intensity of mergers and acquisitions, but For the expansion franchise in the form will still be treated with caution, unless one day, enterprises can fully achieve the output, including teacher resources, including a full set of services.