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Chinese parents of six classic contradiction tutor
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(A) "precept" and "Examples" of the conflict In life, and now the children in a "precept" and "Examples" contradictions. While many parents tell their children "粒粒皆辛苦", while they carelessly throw away food does not taste the food; side of the children say, "Kongrongrangli" cars on the clogged side is scrambling to grab blocks; side of the nice teachers tell their children better The case, but the back side of the teacher finds fault ... ... and so the conflict behavior, abound. (B) "poor teaching" and "rich teaching" the contradictions In life, today's children in a "poor teaching" and "rich religion" contradiction. It is now marked improvement in material living standards, so that people have the ability to provide better living conditions for children. And there are mostly only child, so that people emotionally willing to sacrifice everything for. On the other hand Parents, they would like their children to more than just concentrate on learning, and speak about the major principles of plain living, which naturally let the children know what to do. (C) "spoiled" and "treason" of the conflict In the parent-child relations, today's children in a "spoiled" and "treason" in the conflict. Many parents asked their children, almost whatever they ask, can return a result, children do not respect their parents, parents do not understand, or even into the extreme evil of the parents raised the knife. In this regard, parents should carefully review the And reflect on their own educational philosophy and methods, in fact, many of the problems children are taught out of our own. (D) "indulgence" and "arbitrariness" of the conflict The way in education, today's children in "indulgence" and "arbitrary" in the conflict. Some parents self-righteousness, and believe that children are very young children who have been watching many of the shortcomings of the performance into a naive, its shortcomings and errors left unchecked, without any restraint. On the other hand, 50% of parents would With their parents, "authority" to interfere with children's lives too, in the eyes of many parents, the children always just their accessories, they do not want or are not good for children to acquire and own an equal footing and do not know Got to respect the child's rights and personality. (E) "the wisdom" and "light de" contradictions Educational content, today's children in "heavy Wisdom" and "light de" contradictions. Because the impact of exam-oriented education, people are particularly concerned about the results of the examination, the eyes have been fixed on student test scores. Only care about results, but little or no ideological and moral issues involving students. Because in their It appears that character does not appear to any questions, or do not like to learn as worthy of attention. (F) "development" and "limit" of the conflict In personality development, today's children in a "development" and "limit" the contradiction. Parents want their children taught, so for their children develop a "grand" development plan, if the parents of that choice, in line with the child's sense of fun, of course, is a good thing. The fact is that many parents may be the "development" plan against the Child volunteers, this "development" is actually a "limit" the child's development.