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Expert: Mother tongue lane is illogical the foreign language also learns bad
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Many graduate students, undergraduate students is connected in project nowadays " , the ground, " of tense or of mood of these 3 structures uses not be a place, return not worry at all; Even the clear and coherent essay that use consecutively mother tongue writes a paragraph of more than 200 words also became tickler. Mother tongue learns bad, can the foreign language learn?
A few days ago, the countrywide foreign language that holds in university of Shanghai foreign language kind school Chinese course builds the conference, spread out depth in such problem consciousness and hardship consciousness just about second those who discuss.

If ask an undergraduate students or graduate student the most important nowadays or what is what need to spend time to learn from good examples most, be afraid the answer of many students is a foreign language. Present undergraduate is used in the time that learns a foreign language to go up and energy far over read Chinese culture ancient codes and records or promote mother tongue accomplishment. But whether do devoted time energy and effect become direct ratio?

Chinese rhetoric meets chairman, famous linguist Professor Wang Dechun to think, "Mother tongue is illogical, the foreign language also learns likewise bad " , at least, won't become an outstanding interpreter worker. Wang Dechun cited a case: English " MilkyWay " the interpreter is Chinese is " galactic " and rather than " milk road " . This interpreter looks nowadays follow a rational line to do some work well not needs much Lv, but be in 70 old before, lu Xun gentleman and gentleman of Zhao depth of field hit for it however " writing lawsuit " , lu Xun gentleman still wrote a ragged verse for this even.

"We should like to ask, we are opposite in the undergraduate that assiduously studies a foreign language hard nowadays ' galactic ' one word place is containing ' cowboy Girl Weaver ' the story of people of such chilly aesthetic feeling, right ' galactic ' what derive ' magpie bridge encounters ' wait for a lot of fokelore, right ' be filled with be filled with one water, is affectionately gotten language ' in waiting for ancient poetry word around ' galactic ' how much does the romantic sincere feeling of depict still know?

Wang Dechun returns citing to say, for instance " heavy fish falls wild goose, the be ashamed that close a month is spent " , be from of old the Chinese's fine-looking to the woman ritzy adjective. Contemporary undergraduate also can cite possibly now and then, however, can how many person says so that be clear about among them literary quotation provenance, or witting is this literary quotation He Yanggui of cicada of appearance Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, ermine the wife of a prince this ancient time " 4 great beauties " ?

Wang Dechun thinks, in international communication frequent with each passing day big setting falls, mother tongue consciousness of the undergraduate must increase and cannot weaken absolutely. Be in instantly and henceforth a period, include a foreign language kind school inside each institution of higher learing, in teacher and student is being taught with Chinese in Chinese course construction, should have acumen and sober consciousness to this, want to communicate such consciousness to the undergraduate, arouse them hard to learn parent language.
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