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Be done to get terribly defeated pained teacher to appeal by the student psychol
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Think teacher experience is scant, students actually partnership again and again to teacher rise in revolt. 22 days, this pained teacher dialed the psychology that haing city rolled out a few days ago to seek advice from service hot line, seek a help. As we have learned, this hotline just is not rolled out, heat up " very hot " hand.

22 days, the reporter walks into psychological advisory room. Advisory phone rings ceaseless all the time, psychology sought advice from division and a talk of the preceptress of junior high school that is pregnant to cause the reporter's attention.

In the phone, this teacher says painfully: "My time when classmaster is very short, the child in class seems to often exploring I, can appear everyday all sorts of problems, do me terribly defeatedly, it do not know how to should run ability is good to do not know how to should run ability. " help sb to get over his worries of ground of psychological teacher patience she, put forward to answer a method. Psychological teacher tells her, above all of teacher and student get used to be both sides each other, need period of time, the teacher is not anxious, should improve the education design on classroom, mention interest of attend a lecture, student of much in class organization develops activity of a few themes. At the same time the teacher should adjust state of mind, do not run classes or grades in school with the state of mind of the battle, often should allude to oneself active psychology -- " I like this classes or grades in school " .

Psychology seeks advice from pedagogic Hu Rong to say, because the pressure of the job, domesticity is increased and current very much teacher produces a profession listless, psychology is fretted and a lot of problem such as inner melancholy, had become the outstanding issue that cannot ignore.

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