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Big 4 classroom sketch: People of classroom cold and cheerless is rare put do no
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Beijing some college: People of classroom cold and cheerless is rare

Time: On November 16, on Friday, in the morning 8 when 45 minutes

Place: Beijing some college 6A305 of building of the 6th education

Beijing is here some college electric machinery is big 4 classrooms. The first nodular class just fell, see the satchel since 3 classmates back goes outside only. Among them a classmate says: "This class go up too foolishly, still be inferior to going back oneself read a book. " " such doing be afraid that the teacher sees call-over next? " " not bad today, the person that just has an in part did not come. Occasionally the person comes too less, the teacher just can call-over. " he is incompact say slow.

Stay in 17 people of attend a lecture, have two fellow students playing computer game, still attracted on the side two classmates " view battle " . There are two fellow students on classroom carrying a word on the back, still two classmates see PPT self-study on his computer. Calculate come down, on whole classroom " serious " of attend a lecture be less than 10 people. Learn to say after the class in the small Guotong of serious attend a lecture all the time: "Big 4 have two obligatory course only, at a draught at leisure a lot of. The person that will attend class at ordinary times is original not much, appear what those busy moves in the class apply for a job rarely at ordinary times, busy move runs explain to public meet. " as to other classmate, or deals with each formalities that go abroad in busy move, or has been protected grind, free life is lived in the dormitory. (Hu Pan)

  Nanjing some college: "Put do not have a holiday to was not distinguished "

On November 15, on the routine year mass rally that a liberal art is Nanjing some university, counsellor announce a thing: The time that to make up for students place of summer vacation exercitation spends, will be on winter vocation at will shifting to an earlier date on December 15 in the courtyard. The stage issues a sigh. "Turn over original semester to had done not have a class, put do not have a holiday what distinction is there? " student Xiaohan says.

Of course, resemble so big the 4 courtyard departments that do not have a class are not much after all, general courtyard is big 4 arranged arrive two obligatory course.

Economy of business school of this school international is great 4 students Xiaogu says: "Going attending class last time should be the thing before a month, I am busy apply for a job, do not consider at all go up attend class. " and the small Wu Ze that insists to attend class says, this due the negotiable securities on 40 much people invests a class, often only 10 come individual. Protect grinding classmate some to hold two or more posts concurrently in the company, the classmate exercitation that finds the job went, the busy move that has not found the job attends written examination, interview, want those who grind to take an examination of review headings in an account book of take an examination hammer and tongs.
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