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Officeholder exam high price grooms a Hangzhou showing a body
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Officeholder exam high price grooms a Hangzhou showing a body

  Spend 10 thousand yuan, is interview true can pass a barrier?

Officeholder exam upsurge signing up still is in this year continuously. As national official exam and Zhejiang province officeholder take an exam to take an examination of the drawing near of the day, the person that more and more entering oneself for an examination besides immerse oneself in at inscribing the sea, also begin to unwilling to lag behind the ground moves back and forth in mixed officeholder exam to groom in the class, not hesitate for the future cost hundreds yuan to get on 1000 yuan even.

Nevertheless, hangzhou has two to groom recently the person that the class of officeholder exam interview that the orgnaization rolls out enters oneself for an examination with be as high as 10 thousand yuan cost signing up to invite numerous official is open-eyed, among them one is to groom at high price the class was hit more " interview has been protected " advertisement. Charge is as high as 10 thousand yuan " day price " does interview groom can have been the class protected really? See such ad, the very much person that enter oneself for an examination is in experience temptation while, doubt also was full of in the heart.

   "Class of 10 thousand yuan of interview " Hangzhou showing a body

Not long ago, the Xiaohuang of this year's graduates of Zhejiang university medium and international culture institute entered oneself for an examination national official exam and exam of Zhejiang province officeholder. After signing up before long, xiaohuang joins the essence of officeholder exam deepness that worked overtime a by a definite date 6 days to tell. Grooming the content that place of the teacher on the class interprets pours it doesn't matter volatile, but attend groom when the class, a classmate tells her, listen to essence of life to tell solely still be no good, hangzhou still has teach what how you answer officeholder exam interview technically to groom class, the price is as high as 10 thousand yuan, but allegedly can " assure interview reach a standard " .

"10 thousand yuan are day price simply to me, I also do not sign up for again good class. " Xiaohuang tells a reporter, the problem that oneself never have a contact formerly to cross officeholder to take an exam, be opposite so a few main problems, answering question skill and exam give problem rule utterly ignorant, after attending that deepness essence to tell a class, feel or have a few results, and there was energy of life of a few bottoms in sensory heart.

"Deepness essence tells a class that attends 3 hours each afternoon in the morning everyday, go up 6 days continuously, charge is 500 yuan, be opposite with respect to this charge had been a not little expense for our student, still can accept at long last nevertheless, schooltime appears not short also. " but small Huang Yiran wants not to understand, why does an interview groom should the price of the class be as high as 10 thousand yuan? And this year's unripe small Wu Hai of major of administration of Zhejiang industry university has deeper concern: If crossed written examination to close to him moment, in the moment of truth of interview, if oneself competitor attends such 10 thousand yuan " had kept a class " , can that oneself lie weak power position? Face such high price, should oneself spell a money lending a feature to sign up?
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