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Line of qualification of exam of national administration of justice is 360 minut
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[Yangtse Evening Post network news] Occupy reporter of report of Xinhua News Agency 21 days to understand from office of exam of judiciary state administration of justice, the eligible mark line that national administration of justice took an exam 2007 is 360 minutes certainly. Accord with " exam of national administration of justice relaxes list of place of condition of record of formal schooling signing up " in what provide a place should try personnel, line of mark of qualification of exam of national administration of justice relaxed 2007 for 320 minutes.

The personnel that obtains line of mark of judicatory exam qualification should rise 20 days from December 1, 2007 inside, to city of place signing up (the ground) judicatory executive authority puts forward to award legal profession the qualification, issue " certificate of legal profession qualification " application. Additional as we have learned, exam achievement will be announced on November 22. The exam achievement that should try personnel is with the written announcement of judicatory executive authority accurate. Should try personnel but at 22 days 8 when case, inquire him achievement through judiciary website.

Origin: Yangtse Evening Post

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