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Situation of Zhejiang graduate obtain employment still austere
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Xinhua net grows trigonometry channel on November 22 message: Annual campus invite applications for a job is started again. Yesterday, the reporter teachs hall know from the province, "Month of invite applications for a job of 2008 colleges graduate " pull open big screen formally, this also is meant, I save 219 thousand undergraduates that were about to graduate 2008 to want to set foot on the road of obtain employment. College graduate had 219 thousand 2008 more than person

Zhejiang province teachs hall college graduate to express with respect to trade office controller, zhejiang saved total number of average college graduate to predict 219 thousand more than person 2008, add 20 thousand much person than 2007.

Among them, number of graduate student graduation predicts to will achieve the history new tall -- reach 10 thousand person first, become than growing about 3 2007; Number of stranger of graduation of undergraduate course, high post is climbed respectively rise to be mixed to 94 thousand person 86 thousand person.

Meanwhile, countrywide college graduate will exceed 5.5 million person 2008, add 640 thousand person than 2007. And corresponding post demand was not climbed apparently however litre, this explains the university was born with 2008 trade situation still austere.

Zhejiang university will hold large and integrated invite applications for a job to meet on November 27, this is to be aimed at the first this school is graduate 2008 large invite applications for a job to meet. According to introducing, short for Zhejiang Province is big graduate made an appointment with 11 thousand person 2008, the undergraduate students has 5400 much people, the others all is Master and doctor, among them only 60% right-and-left undergraduate studentses choose obtain employment.

Large obtain employment of short for Zhejiang Province coachs Jin Haiyan of service center director says, end yesterday, already many 350 enterprise joins in invite applications for a job is met, there is no lack of have domestic and international well-known company. "Now, still the enterprise calls ceaselessly come over, the requirement sets booth to enrol a person, predict to be able to begin to invite applications for a job, unit of invite applications for a job will amount to many 450. Unit of invite applications for a job will amount to many 450..

As in former years, to other school student, collection of general of short for Zhejiang Province 5 yuan / person invite applications for a job is met entrance ticket. To this, golden salangane explanation says, the invite applications for a job that short for Zhejiang Province organizes greatly can be service of the undergraduate that it is short for Zhejiang Province, do not close to a single cent or penny of undergraduate of short for Zhejiang Province, enter by student's identification card inside can. But according to circumstance of in former years, the other school student that swarms into this invite applications for a job to meet is overmuch, cause safe problem easily, was thought to control stream of people, they come on stage symbolistic collect fees policy. As to this 5 yuan / entrance ticket price of the person, "Be examine and verify of classics concerned department " .
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