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Beijing University more than 80 student signs up join the army key of conscript
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Beijing of conscript head day 13 thousand person signs up, beijing University more than 80 student signs up join the army.

October 20 is winter conscript publicizes Beijing the first day of week this year, haidian area held a conscript to publicize day of activity in Beijing University. They are answered please since founding a state Beijing University is in the first times school the undergraduate soldier that join the army is brillant, the undergraduate that it is north makes conscript arouse.

That day, beijing University has more than 80 undergraduate to sign up join the army.

Began yesterday, whole town is each area county, villages and towns, street and institution of higher learing offerred propagandist site. Beijing University is the first station that Haidian area conscript publicizes, conscript propaganda changes the way of material of extensive former days hair, come back please however soldier of Beijing University student is brillant advise others by using one's own experience, make of numerous undergraduate join the army to upsurge enthusiasticly. That day, more than 400 classmate that hears brillant report attended spot conscript to seek advice from an activity almost, spot of more than 80 student signs up, lay number of the celebrity that take a newspaper anew greatly among them 40% , and Beijing University of in former years in first days of conscript, sign up commonly have 10 more than person only.

The reporter does understanding to from city conscript, the conscript of Beijing makes this year in, emphasized should regard conscript as the key youth of college undergraduate, high quality, whole raises legionary culture quality level. Conscript limits covers whole town this year all full-time colleges, collect as far as possible 2007 the new student of enter a school. The undergraduate that joins the army of purpose can have each school from this day each courtyard department signs up. Additional, the nescient book student that student of college of education of blame record of formal schooling, run by the local people, institution of higher learing admits and the young person that learn in class of take lessons after school of of all kinds the university entrance exam also collect limits in this inside. To attract enrollment of be recruited of youth of more high quality, concerned branch is considering to make policy of more favourable give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen.

Yesterday, in Beijing nearly 500 conscript of whole town publicize a dot, about youth of 13 thousand of the right age signs up to join the army
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