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Sports is taken an examination of to divide in no longer " takes an examination
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Sports is being taken an examination of to divide in will be no longer first 3 " take an examination of calm sound " , first one, first 2 also will have the demand that assign a value. This is the countrywide junior high school that body of Ministry of Education defends art department to was held in Changzhou recently exam of sports of graduate enter a higher school reforms pilot job conference to pass the information that give.

At present in studying sports subject is to be in first 3 when take an examination of, eligible gives 30 minutes or 50 minutes. Sports reform studies in showing this fully on Changzhou conference at 2 o'clock consensus: The first, exam of sports of enter a higher school of graduate of junior high school wants to will be promulgated this year in April with total bureau of sports of Ministry of Education, country " standard of health of national student constitution " union rises; The 2nd, go to the assessment requirement reach of physical training junior high school each grade. For example: If in take an examination of sports to always divide 30 minutes, first one, first 2 when the student should take 5 minutes each, first 3 when take 20 minutes again.

The province teachs hall to say about the personage, sports cent is worth reach not only will produce stimulative effect to job of sports of school of level of junior high school, return what can drive activity of sports of elementary school phase to begin, primary purpose is to cause broad student and parent to be opposite of physical training take seriously, enhance student constitution. It is reported, the city of 8 ground level that Ministry of Education already decided to province and 7 its place of countrywide are belonged to graduates as junior high school exam of sports of enter a higher school reforms pilot city, I save Changzhou city to be one of 8 pilot cities namely.
Origin: New China daily

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