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At the beginning of Anhui 3 Gao Sanshuang rests day can make up a missed lesson
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First 3, grade can be in Gaosan double cease day arrangement makes up a missed lesson a long time, but forbid to collect fees absolutely. A few days ago, office of education of the Anhui province reported me to save education of the 3rd quarter collects fees this year complain a circumstance, the collection that amasses quite in the light of report makes up a missed lesson cost and issue of desk stool cost, province education office reiterated about the relevant provision that collect fees.

According to the regulation, any grade do not get middle and primary school to collect fees with holiday during cold summer vacation make up a missed lesson. Consider graduation class course is closer, first 3, grade can be in Gaosan double cease day arrangement makes up a missed lesson a long time, but prohibit closing make up a missed lesson cost; Filling difference also does not get the fill a vacancy of other year collection any charge. As we have learned, although do not allow,the branch is taught previously double cease day is paid make up a missed lesson, but a lot of schools can organize graduation class to attend class on the weekend, some is round-the-clock even make, of collection make up a missed lesson cost also is absent a few. This educational office was made clear double cease day makes up a missed lesson prohibit collecting fees, this action got the accord of senior and parent welcomes.

Put in the phenomenon that collection desk stool expends in middle and primary school of a few countries, this educational office also made clear forbidden collection desk to stool is expended or let a student take desk stool oneself. If the school lacks desk stool, answer to report local government or educational service are solved in time. Forbidden school unites injury insurance of conduction student accident, learn the injury insurance outside the business to should be dealt with directly by insurance company, execute freewill principle, the school or school staff member cannot do sth for sb. In addition, of middle and primary school religion complementary data is same buy of one's own accord by the student, must not enforce with any reason the student is unified order. It is reported, office of education of province of the 3rd quarter receives masses to the phone is informed against and send a letter in all call in reach education is complained to collect fees on the net problem 542, than last year the corresponding period decreased 147 cases, decrease 21.34% , among them, of compulsory education phase complain than last year the corresponding period drops 26.33% .
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