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Why is easier than the undergraduate obtain employment born in duty?
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Carry according to the newspaper, to this year on September 1, there is 3.51 million person to realize obtain employment in the 4.95 million graduate of countrywide common colleges and universities, obtain employment rate is 71% the left and right sides. And website of government of Ministry of Education discloses, come nearly 3 years graduate of countrywide secondary vocational school is as high as 95% above with respect to industry ratio, the talented person that has professional profession technical ability demands exceeds supply in a lot of places.
Why can appear rate of high obtain employment of record of formal schooling is low however, does rate of low obtain employment of record of formal schooling give strange case high however? The answer is: Both is different " battlefront " the graduate that go up. Of one mind is yearning the undergraduate is vivid, often " look Gao Yuan " , they are a national administration, enterprise or business of the unit " post of senior talented person " as the target; And read in duty, often eye more aim at actual, the job had real center, want to work well only, will come and do not compare those undergraduate difference surely.
Nevertheless, the idea of a lot of person does not have a change. An investigation of Shanghai shows recently, only the person of 1% is willing to become a worker, intent of talent obtain employment from arrive high low ordinal be sure for enterprise of sex of government organization, institution, forestall, finance. Still a circumstance has to notice, that is, be engaged in legally in recent years individual the graduate in management office is three hundred and sixty-one thousand nine hundred person, and the college graduate that does poineering work independently has 13 thousand person only. Why can you appear such circumstance? The education that I think to a reason is college group raises pattern had negative effect, and the poineering latent capacity that open, agile profession education can arouse a student more.
Expand professional education energetically, it is the urgent need that presses our country industrialization, modernization, it is the important way of stimulative society obtain employment, it is the inevitable requirement of system of education of perfect and contemporary countryman. The west is very much developed country, had come true to the profession is taught and be communicated of common education 10 years ago, and be in our country, professional education still cannot place on a par with common education, for big to a manufacturing industry country, the loss that this kind of negligence that teachs to the profession brings to us is tremendous.
Make clear in seventeen big report point out: "Perfect support does poineering work independently, seek professional policy oneself, strengthen education of obtain employment idea, make more laborer becomes the person that do poineering work " . Here " laborer " the person that should point to physical labor not just, give priority to the college graduate of body to also should be included with mental work. Strengthening poineering consciousness, tree to establish respect of sense of correct obtain employment, should perhaps the undergraduate be born to learn more to the middle of duty?
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