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Take an examination of in Shanxi province this year " two take an examination of
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The reporter teachs hall know from the province yesterday, I saved afterwards last year 73 counties (city, area) exam of graduation of junior high school and entrance exam are executed " two take an examination of syncretic " hind, I save 119 counties (city, area) will implement this one policy entirely this year.

Relevant controller introduces province education office, last year, I save those who share 73 classes to change experimental division to execute is " two take an examination of syncretic " . To reduce student burden, the basis saves governmental requirement, I save 119 counties this year (city, area) should integrate graduation of junior high school and work of recruit students of average high school arrangement to undertake, execute graduation exam and entrance exam entirely " two take an examination of syncretic " , unified call " school work takes an exam " . Besides Taiyuan, outside facing Fen separate proposition, I save other county town to unite proposition by the province entirely, this will be meant my province will appear this year 3 those who differ is medium exam problem.

Since of result of exam of school work of junior high school measures a student to whether achieve the main basis of graduation standard, also be one of important basises of recruit students of school of high school level. When average high school is admitted, the achievement of school work exam basis student and result of integrated quality assess, take an exam in school work achievement is equal below the condition, preferential admit the student with integrated fine quality.

Those who be source of student of phase of stimulative junior high school is balanced distributing to teach balanced evolution with obligation, this year, province government makes clear a regulation first, I save each district to want a quota of people of recruit students of average high school reasonable allocation give aid to fragile school, and arrive 2010, each city should learn local high grade high school school the recruit students quota of people of 50% above, according to each junior high school school education dimensions is mixed managerial level, allocate school of all junior high school directly. As we have learned, I save the Taiyuan, Great Harmony, and other places in facing Fen, advance to had begun this work.
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