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"Alluring " , make the child enters wrong road easily
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The expert expresses: Of motive of a few undesirable psychology form, what suffer with them " alluring " about. Accordingly, education child " resist temptation " ability is to be necessary.

1, educational child does not vie each other
Let the child know a truth: The person's requirement is restricted with respect to what accept external condition. Before wanting to win corporeal demand, should consider domestic economy condition, encounter child of home of others of child take delight in talking about what to wear, with what, when what playing, parents should admit straight-outly to the child " we are canned not afford " , let the good convention that its nurturance economizes.

2, the psychological quality of aggrandizement child
Parents should try to control the child have, raise its to control capacity, accomplish place of the content outside be to move, use those who transform law general child " undesirable " attention move goes up to active and beneficial activity. Carry out a proof, "Excited dot " jump over concentration, appeal is more decorous, have resistance more to the interference of the outside and temptation.

Be worth what parents notices is, the education that the child fights allure is long job, avoid by all means acts too hastily. In the life, parents should admit already and satisfy some of requirement of the child, what should dominate certain and undesirable desire again is infinite expand, make children healthy grow.

Origin: People health net

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