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Not tall 3 think hell- - give elevatory the classmate of 3
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The middle school phase of a person, especially high school 3 years, it is the important level of chief body, long knowledge, long ability, it may be said is aureate time. Be about to rise tall the classmate of 3 should grasp auspicious opportunity more, strenuous promising. How reasonable arrangement the rest of does summer vacation live? What preparation does need make on mathematical study? I raise a few proposals to classmates below.

Purify is awe-stricken psychology

Every classmate always has heard more or less: How Gao Sansheng is like alive why painstaking, how study task is like why onerous... the word of such and so on. Produced awe-stricken psychology then, as a result affects his study. If appear this kind of circumstance, want to had adjusted oneself state of mind above all, with positive attitude, treat these rumor rationally. Tall the study life of 3 is more painstaking, study task is onerous really also, but should handle academic practice only, rest, the life 3 person relation, strike a proper balance between work and rest, tall the study of 3 and life also will be gorgeous. Think the playground previously to go up, in library reading room and in all sorts of significant activities that the school holds, have Gao Sanxue's unripe figure, but a lot of people in them study a good result all the same.

Next, the mind that there should be ambitious ideal, active be eager to make progress in study and to amount to the perseverance of target work with perseverance. Without giving thought to tall 3 have much pain one this year much tiredder, we want to hold to, do all one can goes all out in work. Such a certain number of after year, when you recollect high school to live, just can not have complain without regret.

Move ideas is arranged opportunely

We often listen to a person to say: Someone how clever, his mathematical scholarship gets special club. The meaning below character, oneself maths learns badly, because oneself are not clever,be. Learn a teacher as one digit, I think this is the classmate is looking for excuse to oneself. A person is clever, whether loving at him often move ideas, love thinks, love makes great efforts. On maths love thinks, love thinks, love makes great efforts, study a method with respect to what can have found, maths learns well for certain; Slowly you will discover you also become clever, the study ability that is oneself actually rose. At the same time study other course also can feel more relaxed than before. Such mathematical study learned knowledge not only, increased capacity, and still plant this ability is migratory go in the study of other course, formed benign loop. Accordingly, want you to love to think only, love thinks, love makes great efforts, you can become clever.

For instance the Sun Qi's classmate of my class, he is a monitor, since second year in high school, still hold the position of the job such as chairman of officer student union, can you imagine those who give him is busy? In the university entrance exam this year he took an examination of department of Beijing University maths with outstanding achievement, maths and physics are 149 minutes, he still is in mathematical contest for many times bear the palm. But promote high school at the outset when, within an inch of did not check the old-type opera school that receive put in order, it is thus clear that he is in high school of progress of 3 years big. Observe according to me, he is met namely reasonable arrangement time, love thinks, the typical case that can think.
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