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The expert admonishs parent teacher: Vigilant " language harm "
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Report from our correspondent " this child is incorrigible " " this child is not the makings that read " , be in at ordinary times in classroom and domestic education, we hear teacher and parent via regular meeting such example guide the child. However, the expert admonishs however, the school and domestic education should vigilant " the language is harmed " .

System of Hefei city education involves worker worker appoint result of vice director Liang Ying points out, look in teacher or parent if one nots matter, last likely to psychological generation of the child shadow, affect the child's self-esteem thereby, serious likelihood causes child psychology disease. As we have learned, "Chinese teenager children acts in safety " the organizing committee was done to pupil recently " the campus that you think the urgentest need is solved is harmed " special investigation, findings makes clear, the pupil be visittinged of 81.45 % thinks, campus " the language is harmed " be most the problem that is badly in need of solving, investigation shows pair of students to carry out at the same time " the language is harmed " often is the teacher beside and companion.

What word is there to you can cause an effect to the child in teaching child course at ordinary times? Summary of bridge flower result gives a family in education " language of 10 big fear " , basically include: Want a become a useful person from the grow into useful timber; I am satisfied to your material; The child is not obedient be in charge of; The meal eats to go in the future; You are had an insatiable desire for namely play, not be the makings that read; Such-and-such be the same as with you age all goes, be no good with respect to you; Want to had read the book only, whats are left alone; Your hopeless, without can rescue; We this generation person such, place completely go up in your body; Catch now already late, it is good to should be caught from nursery school.
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