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The children before the expert advocates pair of school age undertakes " nurtura
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Xinhua net Changchun on July 10 report (reporter Wang Xiaoming, Ma Yang) as preschool education more and more get the attention of people, concerned expert points out, we should advocate a kind " nurturance is taught " , education child is as a child in daily life the behavior with good nurturance and habits and customs.

At present the idea of most parent had had constant change before relatively, spend to the heavy visual range of preschool education had very big rise, but face this to teach the child what to learn, how to learn to wait for a problem, a few parents appear very blind.

Ms. Zhang is the Changchun City a mother of 3 years old of children, she thinks, how does the child of others learn, how does her child learn with respect to this, the child that cannot let oneself anyway falls. Be opposite as to the thing that learns to the child incorrect, to the child grow helpful, she is not quite clear. She says: "Anyway I feel much to thing learning a dot always does not have disadvantage. "Anyway I feel much to thing learning a dot always does not have disadvantage..

Changchun Jiang Chuan if say,nursery school of Shi Leguo border grows Lin Qian field, current, the inchoate education idea of a lot of parents is existing certain error, emphasize others what teaching my teaching what and rigid engraft. She says: "Nurturance teachs the key that is preschool education, we are inchoate to the child educational starting point should be put on the education that waits to child ability, interest, hobby. Book learning should pass ground of agile, interesting means exert a subtle influence on to deliver the child. Book learning should pass ground of agile, interesting means exert a subtle influence on to deliver the child..

Northeast Normal University teachs scientific college preschool education is an associate professor Wang Xiaoying thinks, nursery school teachs a component that is child foundation education actually, this moment is the child the nurturance of all sorts of habits, all sorts of interest, level that likes education, the parent should advocate a kind " nurturance is taught " , adopt make the relaxed, lively form such as game, notice education " comprehensive sex, illuminative sex " .

Wang Xiaoying thinks, in reality, very much even teacher keeps a lot of parents in the state of mind of a kind of eager for quick success and instant benefit, ignored " inside concealed study " and " tongueless knowledge " obtain. She says: "Long-term since, the educational system of our country decided the child attends a college again from elementary school, junior high school, high school, namely ' 1000 army 10 thousand horses cross difficult path ' state. Competition is so intense, for future consider of the child, the parent hopes his child learns to order a thing more as early as possible also is to have feeling but former. But actually, engraft prematurely to the child the study may not that book learning will come to to the child has profit, it is most important that inchoate child still fosters their ability, interest, hobby to wait. " (be over)
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